Scholarship Program SUDOP PRAHA a.s.


The purpose of the scholarship program of SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is the support of engineering high schools education and universities, expansions of professional knowledge including practical experience and skills of the students of technical universities and eventually high schools to ensure highly educated university graduates-employees for SUDOP PRAHA a.s.

Bonuses for scholarship students of SUDOP PRAHA a.s.

  • paid professional experience
  • financial security during studies
  • long-term career growth
  • guaranteed professional employment after graduation from university
  • state-of-the-art computer and SW equipment and opportunities for further improvement of qualification
  • language development and opportunity to work on international contracts

Scholarship application process

The Student (hereinafter only “the applicant”) sends the completed “Application for the scholarship program to SUDOP PRAHA a.s.” to SUDOP PRAHA a.s. by email to:

personal‌‌M‌‌ or by mail to the address of the Company.

The application includes:

  • A motivational letter containing your explanation why You should become a SUDOP PRAHA a.s. scholarship holder.
  • CV
  • Certificate of average study results from the study department
  • Assessment by your teacher of expert pedagogical mentor (e.g. bachelor’s paper supervisor)

Scholarship Award

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. will execute a contract with the selected applicant on the provision of the scholarship contribution for a relevant academic year.

The scholarship contribution is provided during the academic year (September - June), always monthly in the current payment term of SUDOP PRAHA a.s., to the amount of CZK 2,000 - 5,000 / month, according to the results in technical subjects and language skills based on the signed scholarship contract for the relevant academic year. The amount is subject to tax according to the legislation in force.

Rights and obligations of the Scholarship Holder

After the regular completion of studies, a regular employment contract will be signed with the scholarship holder for a period the scholarship contribution has been paid.

During the study and payment of the scholarship contribution, the scholarship holder will complete a paid internship of at least six months and will not work for another employer.

In case of premature termination of the Scholarship contribution contract or employment prior to the agreed date from the side of the student, the student is obliged to repay an aliquot amount, received during the scholarship program, however, it is always an individual agreement between both parties with individual terms and conditions.

Final provisions

The rules of the scholarship program have been effective since 1 May 2015.

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