Comprehensive solutions for transport infrastructure issues

Roads and Motorways

  • Motorways, roads, metropolitan, local and utilitarian roads
  • Elevated and ground-level junctions
  • Paved areas, parking lots, factory roads
  • Bus stations
  • Traffic census and road passportization
  • Comprehensive project of transport solution - residential areas, quiet roads, pedestrian and cycling tracks, organisation of the current road transport, terrain and park finishing
  • Expert opinions
  • Audit of road safety (Roads Act, Art. 18g)
  • Road inspection (Roads Act, Art. 18m)
  • Safety inspection of roads (Directive No. 104/1997 Coll., implementing the Roads Act, Art. 7a)


Roads and Motorways Centre (Prague)

Ing. Lukáš Ježek
Head of Centre

Engineering Centre Hradec Králové

Ing. Pavel Horáček
Head of Centre

Project Centre Pilsen

Ing. Ota Heller
Head of Centre
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