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Koberovice, Humpolec
D1 Modernisation, section 11, EXIT 81 Koberovice – EXIT 90 Humpolec, DSP
The section is part of overall modernisation of the D1 highway between Mirošovice and Kývalka.
Warszawa, STP Kabaty
Rail vehicle wash for the Warsaw Metro
This project involved the construction of a new rail vehicle wash, a paint shop and an undercarriage cleaning line for metro trains in the reconstructed and currently completed building No. 2 in the Kabaty metro depot in Warsaw.
Speeding the Prague – Munich (Beschleunigung Munich – Prague) connection
The basic goal of "Speeding the Munich – Prague connection" is shortening the express train journeys to 4 hours 15 minutes.
GSM-R Děčín - Všetaty - Kolín
The project involved the construction of a digital GSM-R radio system on the by-way route of the 1st railway transit corridor, i.e. in the section of Kolín - Nymburk - Všetaty - Děčín východ and the adjacent section of Poříčany - Nymburk.
Jihočeský kraj
D3 0310/II Hodějovice - Třebonín, DSP/IČ/PDPS/AD
Reconstruction of the Prague Main Railway Station roofing
A large reconstruction of the existing historical Prague Main Railway Station concourse, which is subject to the care of historical monuments.
Science and Technical Park in Mstětice
The Science and Technical Park is a multi-purpose complex of workplaces supporting research and development in rail transport.
Optimisation of the Praha Hostivař – Praha hl. n. track section
The "Optimisation of the Praha Hostivař – Praha hl. n. track section" is one of the buildings in the Prague junction. It interconnects the complex of the IV construction.
Česká Lípa
Česká Lípa hl. n. railway station, the building and platform roofing
The project involves modernisation of the Česká Lípa railway station. It does not only concern the railway yard modernisation, but also new location of platforms including the roofing and the passenger building closer to the town.
Elevated quadruple-track railway through Masaryk Railway Station
The undoubtedly most interesting and complex bridge, architectonic dominant and face of the entire Nové spojení (New Connection) in Prague is the elevated quadruple-track railway through Masaryk Railway Station.
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