Comprehensive solutions for transport infrastructure issues

Railway and Tram Constructions

  • New constructions and reconstruction of railway tracks, junctions, stations, and sidings
  • New buildings and reconstructions of platforms and ground-level crossings
  • New buildings and reconstructions of tram tracks and stops
  • Concept preparation of Fast connections within CZ
  • Transportation and operational technologies
  • Design of the geometric position and spatial layout of railway and tram tracks
  • Comprehensive documentation of railway and tram track superstructure, railway stations, design of solid road[EN1] 
  • Comprehensive documentation of railway base, including the design and remediation of the sleeper bed, earthworks and drainage
  • Design of anti-vibration measures


Railway and Junction Centre (Prague)

Ing. Jiří Syrový
Head of Centre

Engineering Centre Hradec Králové

Ing. Pavel Horáček
Head of Centre

Project Centre Pilsen

Ing. Ota Heller
Head of Centre
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