Comprehensive solutions for transport infrastructure issues

Transportation concept

  • The processing of initial transportation documentation of municipalities, regions, states – concept and prognosis study, feasibility study, zoning engineering, operational engineering and transport engineering study, investment intentions, documentation for zoning planning, applications for co-financing from EU funds
  • Documents for the preparation of transportation strategies – states, administration districts, residential areas; infrastructure administrators (managers); transportation clients, transportation companies
  • Assessment and prognosis of the transportation market – transportation surveys and analyses; modelling and prognosis of municipalities transportation demand, regions, larger territorial units of all types of transportation (personal, cargo). For modelling, we use the PTV VISION software (VISEM, VISUM)
  • Technical and transportation-engineering solution – development of transportation networks; construction design, upgrade of tracks, roads, airports, waterways; transport terminals, logistic centres; transportation technology in railroad transportation; design of rail groups and railroad equipment; solutions of stationary traffic (emergency and parking positions and buildings, P+R, K+R). We use the RAILSYS software for the optimal capacity proposal of the railroad network. The design of the technical solution is then executed using Bentley MX and Bentley InRoads.
  • Assessment and evaluation of transportation constructions – evaluation of investment efficiency using the CBA method (sensitivity, risk analysis); institutional analysis, multi-criterion analysis, SWOT analysis; analysis of economic impacts. SW simulation of the development of risk factors using the “Monte Carlo” method.


Transport Concept Centre (Prague)

Ing. Andrea Plišková
Head of Centre

Project Centre Pilsen

Ing. Ota Heller
Head of Centre
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