Digital Academy
Joint education project of Bentley Institute and SUDOP PRAHA a.s.

BIM / Digital Academy

The Digital Academy is a place for sharing knowledge and experience of leaders in the construction industry in the Czech Republic and globally.

  • The contemporary space is used for meetings of professionals among investors, contractors, engineers and administrators of large transportation constructions.
  • Participate in meetings with construction leaders from around the world and the industry through virtual video conferences.

Do you need to train your own employees? Continuous improvement of employee’s knowledge is key to a company’s development.

  • Through its equipment, the training centre facilitates the creation of an environment for your company’s education.
  • The computer network technology supports the quick installation of programs according to the needs of your training.
  • Adjacent relaxation hall and fully equipped backstage premises are available for refreshment along with the technology.

Training centre

Ing. Jaroslav Veselý
BIM manager
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