Our employees

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. has 303 employees in total at workplaces in Prague, Hradec Králové, Pilsen and Warsaw, including 235 architects. The architects are healthy to work at railways and are subject to regular health examinations according to Directive No. 101/1995 Sb., and other regulations. They also hold the "Access permit for areas of the operated railway transport route (SŽDC, s.o.)".

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. employs employees with the following certificates, authorisations and professional exams:

  • authorised engineer and technician in construction (ČKAIT) according to Act No. 360/1992 Coll.
  • surveying engineer officially authorised according to Art. 13 Sec. 1)a) and c) of Act No. 200/1994 Coll.,
  • holder of the Czech Chamber of Architects certification in the field of architecture
  • holder of the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers authorisation certificate 
  • (Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers)
  • Holder of the authorization certificate of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers 
  • (Polska Izba Inżynierów Budownictwa)[EN1] 
  • holder of a Lithuanian authorisation certificate
  • Holder of Latvian authorization certificate
  • holder of the certification of professional competence to design, perform geological surveys in the field of engineering geology according to the Act No. 206/2001 Coll.; new examination of geological construction
  • holder of a certification of assessment on the impact of designed buildings, activities or changes of zoning on the character of the landscape according to Act No. 111/1998 Coll. Sec. 60
  • Holder of certification of professional competence as an architect, i.e. preparation of plans and documentation, design and engineering of buildings, which are part of the activities specified in the Act of the Czech National Council No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining, explosives and state mining administration
  • Holder of certification of professional competence of , i.e. to inspect, execute works specified in Act No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining, explosives and state mining administration[ON2] 
  • Holder of certification of professional competence for the activity of health and safety protection coordinator during work on a construction site
  • Holder of certification of professional competence test in electrical engineering according to Directive No. 50/1978 Sb., and Directive 100/1995 Coll.
  • Holder authorised to prepare certificates of the energy demand of a building according to Act. No 406/2000 Coll., on energy economy
  • Holder of certification for the sampling of wastes and processing the assessment of harmful properties of wastes
  • Holder of certificate for main and extraordinary inspection of road bridges
  • Holder of certificate “Qualified person for assurance of task in risk prevention in the field of health and safety protection at work”
  • Holder of certificate - certified arborist
  • Holder authorised to conduct building supervision at road construction - Level III
  • Holder of certificate PRINCE2 - Practitioner (Level 2)

Professional examinations in the meaning of exam SŽDC Zam1, to conduct works and develop work activities on railways operated by SŽDC of the following type:

  • F-00 – supervisor of works on railway base = K-05/1 + K- 03
  • F-01 – supervisor of works on railway base and superstructure = K-05/2
  • F-02 – supervisor of works on railway bridges, bridge-like structures and tunnels = M-02
  • F-05 – designer of interlocking equipment = Z -06e
  • F-07 – designer of communication equipment = T-05d
  • F-14 – supervisor of survey works = G01
  • F-18 – designer of electrical engineering and power management = E-08
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