About the company

About the company

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is a project, consulting and engineering company, specialising in comprehensive solutions of transportation infrastructure issues, especially railway constructions, road and motorway constructions and metropolitan mass transportation systems. Designs not only comprehensive technical solutions of structures including bridges, tunnels and engineering facilities, communication and safety systems, electrification and power supply but also solve questions of traffic control and organisation, traffic and car technologies, repair bases, logistics, tariff policy, transportation economy and financing, the environmental impact of structures. 

Other areas, in which SUDOP PRAHA a.s. conducts business, is the design of civic and industrial structures, utility lines, telecommunications and power generation. The activities of SUDOP PRAHA a.s. also includes consulting focused on the area of regional development, transport services and project financing. 

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is a modern thriving company, which continues in a long tradition. Due to its scope and quality of services, it belongs among the top consulting companies in the Czech Republic. The wide spectrum of professional skills, many years of experience and modern technical equipment allow SUDOP PRAHA a.s. to collaborate with important investors on solutions of large comprehensive transportation infrastructure projects.

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is also a member of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineers, Czech Association of Consulting Engineers (CACE),  Czech Concrete Society ČSSI, Czech Tunnelling Committee  ITA/AITEST, Czech Road Society and Railway Infrastructure Interoperability.

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. has an established integrated policy of quality, environment, safety and health protection and information safety.

SUDOP PRAHA a.s. is part of the SUDOP GROUP a.s. family - the largest group of project companies in the Czech Republic. www.sudop-group.cz

Subsidiary Companies

Atelier 4, s. r.o.

The first was the design bureau Ateleir 4 s.r.o. from Jablonec nad Nisou in 2006. This company concentrates mostly on architecture and design activities in the field of civil engineering and is, therefore, a partner for architecture and the civil engineering centre. www.atelier4.cz.



The Company was established in 1998 by a Dutch businessman and developer Mr. Leendert de Koot with the focus on constructions and consulting and project management services. In the first years, the Company focused on the development of real estate activity, in time a group of experts were formed, who further profiled the Company especially in the field of economy and constructions. In 2012, due to a successful acquisition, the Company was completely “Czech owned”. After the successful merger at the end of 2017 the majority owner of IPSUM CZ s.r.o. is SUDOP PRAHA a.s. www.ipsumcz.cz/

The Company provides the following services:

  • Technical Builders Supervision
  • Structural Engineering
  • Construction Economy
  • Coordination of safety and health protection during work at a construction site
  • Assurance of tasks in risk prevention
  • Project Management
  • Land surveying work
  • Construction Management according to FIDIC Terms and Conditions
  • Supervision


Stavební geologie -IGHG, spol. s r.o.

The Company was established in 1992 as the Service Geology, spol. s r.o. and in 1994 it changed its name to the current Stavební geologie -IGHG, spol. s r.o. Since 2014 it has been co-owned by SUDOP PRAHA a.s.

The Company conducts engineering-geological surveys, construction-technology drilling, hydrogeological surveys and expert consultations. The Company cooperates with dozens of Czech and international engineering bureaus, construction companies and investors. www.ighg.cz

The Company is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 standards.



The Company provides planning and consulting in railway-related topics. Local specialists solve construction issues and technology, feasibility studies, environment protection as well as land surveying. From the investor's idea to final realisation, SUDOP DEUTSCHLAND is a goal-oriented partner. www.sudop.de


KOMOVIA s.r.o.

KOMOVIA s.r.o. provides comprehensive services to the construction investor in the stage of project implementation as well as during project preparation. It provides investor technical supervision at the construction of roads, bridges and relevant facilities and is experienced in the implementation of other types of structures. It also provides coordination during the construction and preparation of parallel structures with various expertise and investors. Safety audits of roads and safety inspections in compliance with the legislation and regulations in force is another service provided. www.komovia.cz

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